The way businesses adapted to COVID-19 was nothing short of remarkable. Entire companies shifted from physical to digital workplaces overnight. They reinvented work cultures, implemented new tools, and saw their teams thrive in remote environments.

Over the next five years, we are bound to see advances emerge in voice tech, where innovation will accelerate at breakneck speeds and change how we live, work, and communicate, forever.

With some eye-opening evidence from survey stats and key indications from big tech investments, this webinar identifies the latest trends, and innovations we can expect in voice tech in the next 5 years and why it’s the next frontier for total disruption.

Join us for this informative webinar to hear from experts on:

  • Why voice is going to underpin all user tech experiences in the future
  • Key indicators of voice innovations and investments from industry giants
  • Emerging trends CIOs should not ignore

Featured speakers

Speaker Name
Praveen Mamnani
VP Product Management
Speaker Name
Ashima Bhatt
Senior Manager Product Marketing, Voice Solutions