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Contact Center: IVR Functionality

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Analyst research report: Contact Centers Must Go Digital or Die

Provided by Forrester, renowned global research and advisory firm, this report outlines communication channel customer use and major gaps in contact center technology and operations.

The benefits of a connected contact center

What is a connected Contact Center, and how does it increase customer satisfaction and the efficiency of a call center? This report addresses the challenges contact center professionals face today and how a cloud-based solution can meet them.

Attend the RingCentral Office® demo

Every Thursday, RingCentral hosts a 30-minute live demo of RingCentral Office® with Q&A. It’s a great way to get a feel for the product. Sign up for any of the next four scheduled.

Top five ways a cloud contact center ensures disaster recovery and business continuity

If you operate a contact center, it doesn’t take a hurricane or earthquake to have a disastrous impact on your business—it could be as simple as someone unplugging a communications server, or an unsuspecting employee clicking on a phishing email with a virus that takes down the network. This paper explains how a cloud-based solutions provide the best way for your business to plan for and survive disaster.

RingCentral Contact Center datasheet

RingCentral Contact Center delivers complete omnichannel integration, enabling your agents to move effortlessly among social media, mobile, live chat, email, and voice calls. Analytics built in to the platform also provide actionable insights into the call center environment.


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