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Getting Started with RingCentral SMS APIs for Workflows, Two-Factor Authentication, and Chatbots

Join Phong Vu, Sr. Developer Evangelist at RingCentral, Inc. for this instructive session. We'll cover use cases and examples of how to integrate the JavaScript-based RingCentral APIs with your existing business apps to send text messages, pictures, and more.

Add RingCentral Voice and SMS to Your Web Apps in Just 15 Minutes Using RingCentral Embeddable Voice

Join us as we walk you through the core features of Embeddable Voice, including login, a dial pad, and SMS chat history screens, followed by popular use cases including click-to-dial, inbound screen-pop, and call log sync. We will also cover several example integrations to give you a feel for everywhere you can use Embeddable Voice, from your own web apps to customizing CRM experiences and even desktop apps like Java apps.

Introduction to the RingCentral Developer Platform

The RingCentral Developer Platform gives you the power to revolutionize communications, with APIs for voice, SMS, team messaging, meetings, fax, and more. Join us and learn about how you can completely transform your business with over 60 API endpoints, bot frameworks, and embeddable widgets making it easy to add RingCentral's capabilities to almost any app in as little as five minutes.

Introduction to RingCentral WebRTC SDK and its Features

WebRTC allows developers to embed voice communications in web based business tools and services such as CRM, call centers, and web applications. Use RingCentral WebRTC to create simplified experiences for your call operators and customers.

Sync vs. Polling - Comparison of RingCentral's Data Retrieval APIs

In this session we will cover sync and polling approaches to popular RingCentral APIs for call log and message data. Additionally, we will discuss the pros and cons of each approach and important considerations when building each type of solution. These considerations include best practices for retrieving new or historical data, handling rate limits, and how to integrate with our Subscription API.

Building Rich Customer Experiences with Voice and SMS

RingCentral's technologies allow you to revolutionize the way you interact with customers, including the ability to build out rich new experiences with voice, SMS, MMS, video, and online messaging. In this webinar we'll take a look at how you can use RingCentral's APIs, bots, and widgets to give your company an advantage, and your customers an incredible experience and the ability to interact with your company at anytime.

Build your own Virtual Voicemail Assistant

Voicemails have long been a pain for the recipient. You need to listen carefully and take notes—which can feel like a waste of time. That makes many of us think voicemail is dead. If you also think so, join this webinar session to learn how to resurrect business voicemail with artificial intelligence (AI), and make voicemail a preferable communication interface for customer service.

Taking Control with Active Call Control

With the release of the new RingCentral Active Call Control APIs, you can now seamlessly integrate call functions including hold, unhold, mute, unmute, transfer, flip, call recording, and more into your applications. Join Dibyendu as he highlights the different functionality available, as well as a walk through of some of the top use cases for the Active Call Control APIs.

Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data with Applied Machine Learning

There is no doubt that pulling actionable insights from big data and analytics offers huge benefits for businesses. Learn what it takes for a company to use AI-based analytics to improve user experiences or to make better business decisions. Join this session to explore your business opportunities with RingCentral.

Work Even More Efficiently with Apps, Widgets, and APIs

Did you know that RingCentral comes with numerous apps, integration tools, widgets, and APIs you can use to customize how you use RingCentral? Join us to learn more about RingCentral Developers and the No Code, Low Code, and Pro Code solutions available to you to easily embed RingCentral in your everyday business applications, build automated processes, and even use RingCentral Developers to communicate more easily and efficiently with your customers.

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