RingCentral Mobile Users FAQ

What is a Mobile User?
A Mobile User is a virtual extension assigned to an end user that does not have a Digital Line. Mobile Users can make and receive calls, and may access collaboration tools subscribed to on the customer’s account

Why are you now charging for Mobile Users without a digital line?
Mobile Users without a Digital Line can make and receive calls and have access to many of the same capabilities as users with digital lines. These include RingCentral Glip, RingCentral Meetings, integrations and more. With this advanced functionality, these users have begun using the product the same way they would a digital line.

Consequently, Mobile Users using the system without a digital line will now be considered part of the total licensed users and will be charged based on their account’s current cost per digital line.

Find out more about these capabilities here.

Will I be charged for using the Mobile App?
No. Mobile Users with a digital line are not affected, and can continue to use the Mobile App for no additional charge. This change only affects Mobile Only Users without a digital line.

When does this take effect?
Please refer to the email notification for the timing of this change for your account.

What will be the cost?
The cost for each Mobile User without a digital line will be the same as users who have a digital line. If you want to add digital lines for your Mobile Users at no additional cost (excluding taxes and fees), please contact your RingCentral account manager.

What are the benefits to Mobile Users of adding a digital line?
By adding a digital line, the Mobile User will get full access to RingCentral’s softphone (inbound and outbound) and the ability to use a desk phone if needed. If you are interested, please contact your account manager by calling  800-591-7973.

How do I know which Mobile Users without a digital line will be billed at any given time?
System administrators can log into their RingCentral account and see this information under the billing tab. See more details here. If a mobile user without a digital line is inactive or is only used for internal company calls, within a given month, there will be no charge.

What are my options with mobile users?
You can review your options here. If you have any questions or would like to discuss options with your account manager, please call 800-591-7973.

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