Become a UCaaS grandmaster with RingCentral

Winning in the cloud is all about crafting a successful strategy. Now’s the time to put the pieces in place and position yourself as a champion!

In this webinar, UK Partner Acquisition Manager Michael Reed and RVP of Partner Sales Tony McNish will lay out a game plan for partners to drive digital adoption.

Join him to learn:

  • How Channel HarmonyTM protects your most valuable resource, recurring revenue
  • How IGNITE! allows partners to take charge and own the sales process
  • How RingCentral’s resources and support help partners increase their win rate
We’ll also cover technical details, such as:

  • RingCentral’s seamless UCaaS and CCaaS MVP (message, video, phone) solutions
  • Integrations with Microsoft Teams, Google, and Salesforce
  • Breaking into new verticals with demonstrated use cases

Featured speaker

Speaker Name
Michael Reed
UK Partner Acquisition Manager
Speaker Name
Tony McNish
RVP Partner Sales