You've probably heard the quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." As you embark on your CX transformation journey, the first step is to focus on your culture. You can introduce all the state-of-the-art technology, but if you don't address culture first, your transformation is going to fall short. Including your front-line early in the strategy, getting buy-in, and focusing on creating a customer-centric culture can accelerate the results of your CX transformation.

Hear the CX experts as they discuss:

  • Why culture is so important to a successful CX transformation
  • How to get started with assessing your current culture
  • How to identify what changes need to be made
  • The impact of culture changes to the overall customer experience

Featured speakers

Speaker Name
Mary Hall
Founder and CEO
CultureWise Consulting
Speaker Name
Scott Schoenherr
SVP Operations/Technology
Healthcare Claims Management
Speaker Name
Max Ball
Director, Product Marketing, Contact Center