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Discover more ways to grow sales and satisfy your customers with RingCentral’s superior cloud communications solution.

Designed for prospective, new, and existing partners, these webinars provide RingCentral product updates, sales and marketing best practices, and valuable information to make the most of your RingCentral partnership.

To access recorded webinars, log into the Partner Portal and click on Training then Recorded Webinars.

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Q1 National Partner Academy

For years, RingCentral has been putting the pieces into place. Study the board. What’s the next move? What’s the endgame?

Join us for our upcoming Q1 Partner Academy to find out. We’ll be sharing some exciting new products, features, and initiatives.

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Planning Your Route: The Power of Adoption

Feature adoption directly reduces churn. Are your customers using their whole RingCentral stack? 

Join RVP of Partner Success Jeffrey Yakubik to learn how to translate RingCentral features into money-saving customer benefits and keep clients for the long haul.

The First Step: Pre-sale Discovery

You can’t drive usage and adoption without understanding each customer’s unique needs. That’s where the pre-sale discovery call plays such an important role. 

Join RingCentral Solution Engineers to learn the right questions to position yourself as a leader.

Release 21.1 Highlights

Our quarterly release webinars with Toussaint Celestin highlight the most recent upgrades to RingCentral. For R21.1, we’re extending upon the innovations laid out in 2020.

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Know Your Next Move: the Customer Journey

The first 90 days are the most critical time in your relationship with a new customer. Without a proper adoption plan, you could lose them forever. 

In this webinar, RVP of Partner Success Jeffrey Yakubik will teach you how to provide the extra and attention new customers need to protect your most valuable resource, recurring revenue.

Showing the Way: CX Best Practices

The true benefits of RingCentral—saving time and money—aren’t always readily apparent to our customers. That’s where you have to guide them through the onboarding process to ensure they receive the Customer Experience they seek. 

Join Director of Post-Sales Enablement Scott Taylor to learn how.

Avoiding Pitfalls: How to Prevent Churn

Churn is the great roadblock in any SaaS journey, but it can be directly mitigated with robust adoption, as the two are inversely related.

RingCentral’s Director of Customer Loyalty Doug Ruth has identified key factors to boost usage and avoid this dreaded hurdle.

The Final Push: Handling Objections

When it comes down to it, customers only care about one thing—value for their money. But many may not understand their total cost of ownership, particularly when balanced with return on investment.

Join Director of North American Partner Sales Mike Day to learn how to drive that conversation and bring the deal home.















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