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Business SMS

With your RingCentral Smartphone App you can exchange text messages with coworkers, clients, even departments without mixing them in with your personal texts. Your smartphone is your business phone!

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Salesforce Integration

Your RingCentral Softphone becomes a powerful Salesforce leverage point. If your business uses Salesforce, you’ve got to install the RingCentral Softphone Salesforce app on every desktop PC. You can click to dial, and when you get an incoming call, the app brings up that contact’s info automatically. Log calls and make notes during the conversation—it will really improve your productivity, especially for case management.

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Auto Call Record

As an Admin, you can choose to record calls for any user and review them as needed. This is a great feature for training purposes as well as to monitor compliance requirements.

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With this feature, lights on your deskphone show whether a colleague’s phone line is free or if the colleague is on the line. That will save you from forwarding a call to a busy line, only to have it go to voicemail.

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Call Park

Press a softkey on your deskphone to park a call in the Cloud, then pick it up anywhere else on your RingCentral system - or alert a colleague to pick up the call.

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Announce visitors or incoming calls. Press the Intercom softkey on your deskphone, dial an extension, and talk to your colleague immediately. Great in combo with Call Park!

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