A smart, personalized customer experience is what makes luxury brands like the Ritz Carlton stand out. In the contact center, personalization not only improves the customer experience, it makes each interaction more efficient and cost effective. It takes data to understand who is calling and why—and with modern, cloud based contact center systems it is easier than ever to access the information you need and use it to create a memorable customer experience.

During this webinar, Scott Schoenherr and Wesley Gryna from Healthcare Claim Management will share how HCM uses data to create tailored customer experiences including:

  • How they segmented customers to power personalization
  • How they extracted key data from multiple sources to craft the best customer experiences
  • What quick tips you can apply now to personalize the customer experience
  • How combining proactive and reactive approaches to customer engagement can make a difference

Featured speakers

Speaker 1 Image
Scott Schoenherr
SVP Operations
and Technology
Speaker 2 Image
Wesley Gryna
SVP Product
and Strategy
Speaker 3 Image
Max Ball
Director Product Marketing,
Contact Center
Speaker 4 Image
Joanna Palmer
CX Client Principal,
Contact Center