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Effective and speedy contact tracing operations are imperative to break transmission chains, improve outcomes, and enable organizations and the broader community to return to “normal” operations.

While contact tracing exists at a limited scale within many organizations, current staffing, manual processes, and limited automation are inadequate to meet the needs imposed by the pandemic.

Join RingCentral and special guest Dr. Michael Mina, renowned Harvard epidemiologist and leading expert on infectious diseases, to learn what organizations need to make contact tracing really work, including: 

  • Critical success factors in mitigating transmission chains
  • How to quickly deploy and scale contact tracing operations
  • The role of intelligence and automation in optimizing outreach and making contact connections
  • The nuances of getting contact tracing right

Jim Ivey
and Co-Founder

Dwight Moore
Industry Solutions

Dr. Michael Mina
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Epidemiology

Jason Cenamor
and CPO