As organizations embraced remote work out of necessity during the pandemic, the market for tech talent shifted dramatically. Employers can compete for tech talent regardless of location while simultaneously creating a culture that is founded on collaboration and communication.

This session addresses the unique opportunities the work-from-anywhere movement has provided to enable a productive and purpose-led organization. Join this session for a peer-driven discussion on:

  • What you can do to maximize the benefits of a distributed workforce
  • How you’re thinking about the future of talent and culture
  • How an increasingly remote tech talent landscape can provide more equitable access

Featured speakers

Speaker Name
Naveed Husain
VP, Worldwide Vertical Industry Programs
Speaker Name
Altaf Uddin
Director of Information Systems
University of Kansas
Speaker Name
Troy Ligon
Director of Enterprise Architecture
Speaker Name
Rob Strickland
Founder and CEO,
M37 Ventures