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When you start to look at customer interactions as two way conversations and not separate outbound Sales calls and inbound support interactions a whole new – more engaging – level of customer interaction becomes possible. Join Analyst Sheila McGee Smith and Geoff Mina for an examination into how the right sort of outbound interactions can build a new level of connection with your customers. 

Sheila McGee Smith 
Contact Center Industry Analyst,
McGee-Smith Analytics

Geoff Mina
AVP Contact

Maurice Nagle 
Web Editor,

In this session we will discuss the types of interactions that can be enabled when outbound capabilities are used to create value beyond a simple sales or collection call. Let customers know if there has been a change of plan that will impact their schedule or help them understand if their usage has increased to a point where a different tier of service is appropriate. Outbound can also be used to gather the voice of the customer through live or automated surveys.

In addition, we will look at how different companies approach the full conversation with their customers, stay safely within the current regulatory rules, and use outbound as part of a larger customer conversation that provides value to customers in a way that builds loyalty to ensure they stay customers for the long haul.