Work from home 2.0 a guide for supervisors

Episode 1

Managing remotely: Transitioning from a physical to virtual contact center

As complex customer questions and interactions became increasingly common, contact center agents and managers grappled with new remote working arrangements. From supervisor to agent coaching to walking the floor, see how to use technology to transition from a physical contact center to a virtual one.

Episode 2

Can you build a meaningful culture in a virtual contact center?

Poor culture has long plagued the contact center industry, and with agents working remotely you run the risk of siloed, unengaged, and demotivated agents. See how to build a culture within your contact center remotely, using technology and best practices.

Episode 3

Collaboration and (over) communication at your remote call center

Building an environment in which contact center agents can effectively collaborate and communicate is not always easy—especially when a global pandemic forces you into remote working. But with the right technology and some tweaks to your operations, you can create a collaborative contact center that empowers agents to do their jobs effectively.

Episode 4

The changing role of the supervisor

Today, supervisors must manage an organization spread across hundreds or thousands of miles. And they must do so without their usual management tools — floor walks, one-to-ones, and so on. See how supervisors can embrace technology and change to become effective at coaching agents to success.

Episode 5

What is the key to your digital expansion? Meeting customers on their terms, through their preferred channel

As customers express a preference for engaging digitally, it becomes more urgent for business to cater to this new normal. Meet your customers on the channels they’re on most and see how turning to digital forms of communication can increase customer satisfaction and in turn customer loyalty.

Episode 6

The perfect storm: How to adapt your CX to meet the moment

With call volume up, callers having new or more complicated problems, and agents working remotely -- supervisors and agents find themselves in a perfect storm for catastrophe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Find out how supervisors and agents are managing these new, tricky times.

Episode 7

Analytics and agents: Empowering employees in distributed teams

Today, when it comes to analytics and performance management, we need a new approach. Today’s agents need to learn to work more autonomously. Leaders must adapt their analytics and monitoring to distributed work. Let’s look at how organizations can adjust their analytics to the post-pandemic world.

Episode 8

How can customers benefit from your remote contact center?

Shifting agents from contact center to home can have surprisingly wonderful results for your customer satisfaction -- if done right using the right tools and technology. See how customers are benefitting from remote working customer service, empowered with new digital tools.