The At-Home Agent Masterclass

Quick lessons for transitioning to a
remote call center team
Episode 1

The Benefits of Remote Call Center Teams

New communication tools have made it easier for employees to work from the comfort of their own home, but for some call center workers, managers might question whether productivity will suffer. Check out some of the top advantages of working in remote teams.

Episode 2

What Changes with Remote Customer Support?

If you’ve never worked from home before, you may be weary of this new normal. You may be surprised to find that remote support poses little threat to your normal operations. In fact, it may even improve them. Learn more in this short video.

Episode 3

How to Manage a Remote Call Center Team

Along with the benefits of a remote call center, your may run into a few challenges. How can you maintain effective agent management when your customer service team is spread across multiple locations? By using these tips, you can maintain your high call center volume and agent performance.

Episode 4

How to Transition your Company to Remote Agents

If you're debating on moving to remote agents full time, here are some steps to help make the transition as seamless as possible.

Episode 5

Remote Support Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

Whether you’re considering a work-from-home option or want to improve your current remote operations, these strategies can help guide your decisions.

Episode 6

Examples of Virtual Call Centers Doing it Right

Switching from on-site contact centers to remote contact centers has proved to be beneficial for many companies. Check out these examples of virtual contact centers who are making remote work, work for them.