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RingCentral + Remote Work Demo

Work from home has never been easier. Join us in our Demo to learn how to communicate and get projects done without everyone being in the same room.

The Rise of Teledentistry: Benefits and use cases to improve patient access

Teledentistry has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity and has been proven as an effective way to triage patients and conduct problem-focused evaluations to limit office visits for patients.

Freedom of COVID in the Contact Center

Work from Home allows new opportunities to make agents happier and more productive, to provide better service for their customers, and even to build a new and stronger sense of team. Join us to learn how to take advantage of this disruption to make customer service a significant differentiator for your organization today and for years to come.

Navigating the WFH Environment in the Age of Remote Collaboration

As companies shift to hybrid workforce models, execs must balance remote collaboration requirements vs. business continuity, contact tracing, and security to protect the health and productivity of their teams. Join RingCentral’s CISO and other top execs as they explore these thorny issues.

Close More Deals Faster

How efficiently are you closing deals? If you think that you could be closing deals faster (and making more $$), chances are, you’re right.

Contact Tracing: Protecting Your Community as Schools and Workplaces Re-open

Contact tracing is imperative to stop COVID-19 in its tracks but organizations need the right technology to deploy and scale quickly, improve outcomes with rapid, automated calling, and ensure success. Watch Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Michael Mina and RingCentral discuss what it really takes to get contact tracing right.

The CFO Imperative: Why UCaaS is Critical to Optimizing Spending and Maximizing Productivity for Work-from-Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how and where people work. For CFOs, this “new normal” creates challenges and opportunities to ensure that their organization is spending strategically to deliver communications and collaboration capabilities that maximize remote work productivity while improving customer engagement.

Telehealth 2.0: Cloud-Based Communications

Telehealth is becoming the “new normal” for healthcare delivery and optimization. Providers now have an imperative to evaluate and use cloud-based communications platforms to support next generational virtual care services. Join Gregg Malkary, Michael Brown, and RingCentral as they explore how cloud-based communications can enrich the telehealth experience for clinicians and patients through integrated messaging, video, and phone capabilities.

Sheila McGee Smith Webinar Series Episode 02—Evaluating and coaching

Before 2020, agents and supervisors were co-located, making reviews and coaching easy and accessible. Join Sheila McGee Smith as she speaks about how omnichannel quality monitoring can help agents to deliver the modern, effective, empathetic interactions customers expect.

Sheila McGee Smith Webinar Series Episode 01—How COVID changed everything

Join Sheila McGee Smith as she explains how integrated cloud contact centers with unified communication tools can help service leaders overcome challenges in maintaining product agent teams.

RingCentral and Poly Bringing Modern Meetings Experience to Rooms

The business world is experiencing unprecedented transformation. Working from home and working on the go have replaced office work as we know it. As the “workspace” of tomorrow evolves in creative and bold ways, organizations are rethinking every aspect of work—from remote and hybrid work to work-on-the-go and traditional offices. Meeting rooms should be no different.

Suggested Webinars

Simplifying Global Communications

In today’s world where borders are virtually eliminated through the flow of information and the internet, companies of all sizes have employees and offices spread across the globe. On-premise systems are not easily scalable and are costly in terms of hardware and maintenance, making international growth challenging.

Five steps to building your company around your customers

Many organizations understand the growing importance of customer engagement for their business, and some turned what used to be considered as a pure cost center into a true brand differentiator. What these successful companies have in common is a combination of technology and culture transformation that enables them to put customers at the center of their business.

Sports IT executives share inside tips on remote work

Even major sports franchises had to quickly pivot to remote work once the pandemic hit. See what businesses can learn from the top IT executives with the Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Hornets, and Minnesota Vikings.

Insights from the 2020 OMDIA UCaaS Service Provider Scorecard

RingCentral was again ranked #1 in the 2020 Omdia (formally IHS) in their UCaaS North American Scorecard Leader for the 4th year in a row. Come listen to two industry experts discuss the report and share their perspectives on how it affects the tectonic shift to the Work From Anywhere era. Many organizations are making technology decisions that will address challenges in the short term and prepare their organizations for the new normal.

CX OUTBOUND: Don’t just follow your customer’s journey. Lead it.

Selling is a two-way conversation, not separate outbound and sales calls with inbound support interactions. Outbound communications enable businesses to win customers over beyond a simple sales or collections call. Register to learn how outbound tools can be used to generate leads, upsell, cross-sell, complete market research, fundraise and more--just by proactively engaging customers.

Getting Back to Business as (un)usual

RingCentral chatted with the SF Chamber of Commerce to talk about returning to work (whatever that means for your business), how to prepare with the right tools, and the challenges you might face as you navigate the transition. Check out this on-demand webinar for actionable insights on how best to adapt to our current climate.

Canadian Perspectives: Enabling employees to work remote

IT executives from Ontario Health Digital Services and CanadaDirect share the obstacles, strategies, and best practices they discovered when they had to quickly transition employees to work from home.

Collaboration-Enabled Care: Improving Staff and Patient Engagement

This webinar reviews the findings of survey-based research conducted with 140 healthcare provider clinical and operational executives and uncovers the most critical gaps in current communications and collaboration capabilities.

Contact Tracing: Improving Outcomes with Speed, Intelligence, and Trust

Join RingCentral and special guest Dr. Michael Mina, renowned Harvard epidemiologist and leading expert on infectious diseases, to learn about the five things organizations need to do to make contact tracing really work. During this informative discussion, you’ll get the inside scoop from an industry expert who’s in the trenches.

Why Businesses Need a Unified Employee and Customer Engagement Strategy

In this webinar, Constellation Research analyst, Nicole France, will share how a seamless, unified customer and employee engagement strategy is the key to turning the challenge of choice into a win for both parties.

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