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RingCentral MVP: Feature Release Overview - Q4 2022

Join our Q4 release webinar — MVP edition — where we will take you through the latest RingCentral innovations that will help your organization benefit from simpler communications. We make it easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to manage.

Extend your phone system with video, meeting room software, and more

In this webinar, we’ll be talking about the various innovations in RingCentral’s video conferencing solution, how it supplements our phone solution, and how it is built to facilitate and increase collaboration within your hybrid workforce.

Digital Customer Experience Trends - Where You Should Really Be Investing

Without a clear CX strategy, it is easy to invest in the wrong areas and see limited success.

Join us for a Fireside Chat as experts from CCW and RingCentral discuss:

1. What customers really think about Digital
2. How to effectively use AI for customer service
3. Where you should focus your CX investments to maximize ROI

Keep the Conversation Flowing: Why Good Customer Comms Start With You

Watch our new webinar to learn how the right communications solutions can help transform your customer experiences. You’ll also learn the impact of relevant metrics on performance—and how to implement this, how to leverage technology to streamline communications, and much more.

Connecting the Dots: The Future of the Workplace is Here

The workforce is more distributed than ever and businesses are tripping up on the numerous apps and platforms they use to stay connected.

RingCentral Contact Center: Feature Release Overview - Summer 2022

Join our Summer release webinar--Contact Center edition. We will take you through the latest RingCentral innovations that help your organizations provide Seamless Customer Communications--helping to empower your agents and delight your customers.

RingCentral MVP: Feature Release Overview - Summer 2022

Join our Summer release webinar—MVP edition—where we will take you through the latest RingCentral innovations that help your organization benefit from Simpler Communications. We make it easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to manage.

5 Reasons Voice Tech is the Next Disruptor in the Next 5 Years

With some eye-opening evidence from survey stats and key indications from big tech investments, this webinar identifies the latest trends, and innovations we can expect in voice tech in the next 5 years and why it’s the next frontier for total disruption.

RingCentral CX Book Club - Built To Win: A Customer-Centric culture starts with your employees

Join us for RingCentral’s CX Book Club Event. During this webinar, we will be featuring Annette Franz’s new book, Built to Win. Franz outlines 10 key principles to building a customer centric culture -- which begins with a people-centric culture. 2022 is the Year of the Agent ~ does your culture and company values enable your agents along with the rest of the organization to provide a customer-centric experience? During this hour webinar, you will learn:

1. The difference between customer focused and customer centric
2. The 10 key principles to building a customer centric culture that drives value for your organization
3. Why “employees more first”?

Coffee Talk: Creating the Perfect Contact Center System

The role and function of the contact center is being redefined and extended in all directions as a universal connection between customers and companies. Not only must the customer experience be omnichannel, the contact center must be robustly connected to every resource they'll need to fulfill every customer request.

Find out why many organizations are re-defining and re-distributing their contact centers, and what you need to get started/support it.

CISO Talks: Securing Hybrid Cloud Communications Without the IT Burden

Hybrid environments create a better work life balance for employees but for IT admins it means more responsibility than ever. This is especially true given potential security, data privacy and compliance blindspots between monitoring corporate-owned and personal devices, file sharing, and preventing fraud.

RingCentral MVP: Feature Release Overview - Q3 2022

Watch our Q3 release webinar — MVP edition — where we take you through the latest RingCentral innovations that will help your organization benefit from simpler communications. We make it easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to manage.

Composable Communications - it’s the cloud’s next big thing

Because data and applications have become the hub of new business models, becoming a digital organization requires a new way of operating IT organizations. That’s where composability comes in.

Join this informative webinar to learn more about composable enterprise.

RingCentral Customer Experience : Feature Release Overview - Q3 2022

Use the key learnings from this webinar to get more value from your RingCentral CCaaS products or get started on elevating customer experience with RingCentral.

Building Hybrid Teams with Enhanced Flexibility and Personalization

Special attention to agents’ needs is more important than ever in creating a highly motivated and high performing hybrid contact center team.

Join RingCentral to discuss:

1. Ways to increase agent engagement and ownership
2. How to monitor agent performance without being intrusive
3. How to capture insights on agent engagements and help personalize coaching for each agent regardless of location

CISO TALKS: Securing Cloud Communications in 2022

Financial and brand threats are growing at record pace, so ensuring your UCaaS platform provides a leading approach to mitigating these risks should play a primary role in your buying considerations.

Join our panel as they share:

1. What constitutes rigorous information security protection
2. The importance of data privacy and end-user privacy controls like End-to-End Encryption
3. How to introduce best practice security and administrative policy controls for your IT org and people

Coffee Talk: Unified Communications as a Service

UCaaS goes far beyond being just another way to communicate, and this session will highlight all the advantages enjoyed by those who have made the switch. Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen hosts saying, "This is Hero Time!" Deploying UCaaS is a great decision that everyone in your organization will thank you for. From both an IT and a telecom perspective it is the core platform for the future. Join us to learn how easy it is to do something so positive and constructive for your organization.

Building a communications strategy for the future starts today

Check out our webinar on what makes a great communications strategy, and what can the right tech do for your business.

Uncovering the Top Agent Experience Trends of 2022

High agent attrition has always imposed significant costs on contact center operations. But did the pandemic and Great Resignation make things worse? What is driving this post-pandemic attrition - compensation, benefits, work flexibility, or something else? What tools do customer experience leaders need in order to improve agent retention? To answer these questions, we commissioned a survey with Benchmark Portal to get insights from hundreds of contact centers—we’d love to share the results with you.

Suggested Webinars

Leveraging unified communications to drive business value and compliance in financial services

Because unified communications open more channels for communication, banks and investment management companies are able to meet customers where they are and via their preferred methods of interacting and communicating, while empowering employees to work productively from any location. Join speakers from Theta Lake, RingCentral, and Deloitte as they discuss how a unified communications strategy can help drive value for your company.

Contact centers advance: AI and automation across channels

From chatbots to interaction routing to automating routine tasks, AI can drive so many improved experiences in the contact center. Hear from the experts at Opus Research on how to use artificial intelligence to improve both agent and customer satisfaction.

Work from Anywhere and the Evolution of Culture and Talent

Employers can now compete for talent regardless of location while creating a culture founded on collaboration and communication. This discussion addresses the unique opportunities the work-from-anywhere movement provides to enable a productive and purpose-led organization that maximizes the benefits of a distributed workforce.

Contact center evolution: The future is now

If customers aren’t walking away from an interaction with your business feeling satisfied, then your contact center isn’t working. Hear the latest strategies from customer experience expert, Shep Hyken and our contact center experts as they discuss how to proactively personalize each interaction with your customers using the right information at the right moment.

The Critical Role of Employee Engagement to an Agency's Mission

Maintaining employee engagement is critical to attracting and retaining a productive and efficient workforce. To better understand the intersection of employee engagement, communication, collaboration and a sense of community – and how each of those factors contributes to agency mission and constituent experience – the Center for Digital Government and RingCentral have surveyed state and local leaders on the tools, technologies and strategies that help keep employees motivated and engaged.

Join us for this webinar, in which we’ll present exclusive findings from this research, along with reactions and best practices from a panel of experts.

Leveraging the Powerful Combination of RingCentral and Microsoft Teams

In this roundtable for the Canadian public sector, learn how to enable a hybrid workforce for agencies by leveraging RingCentral with Microsoft Teams. The future of work requires supporting “work from anywhere." Discover how agencies can optimize employee and citizen engagement with an enhanced approach to collaboration, and hear a real-world case study from Municipality of Meaford.

Stepping into the New Age of Voice

Business leaders have long searched for the secret sauce of driving revenue, talent retention, and supreme customer engagement. Now we add to that list the enablement of hybrid work.

Myth-busting the 2021 holiday retail season

Consumer behavior has shifted. The retail holiday season will hinge on using the right selling channels, both online and in-store. Join Coresight Research and RingCentral executives as they share strategies for improving sales conversions, automating interactions, and realizing savings through right-channeling communications.

Bringing Calling to Microsoft Teams: Why Businesses Prefer UCaaS

In this webinar we’ll share Metrigy’s data and insights to provide metrics-based guidance for selecting the best approach for your organization.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

1. State of Microsoft Teams Adoption
2. Requirements for bringing calling to Microsoft Teams
3. The role of UCaaS in enabling Teams calling
4. How to evaluate and pick the best option

Delivering on your mission: 6 drivers of the employee experience

Is your agency providing quality experiences? Government agencies know that providing a positive experience (CX) is essential to carrying out their missions. However, that’s not easy in a hybrid environment, where outdated technology can lead to lapses and poor employee engagement. To provide good CX, agencies need to ensure that employees have the technology, tools and management support they need.

Watch this OnDemand webinar to learn from experts about how to empower your agency to meet constituent’s rising communications needs.